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High Quality Accident Attorney Representation


​I have represented and litigated cases for Southern California Clients with injuries for over 25 Years. Every personal injury and accident attorney from my office is well known by insurance defense firms and local courts as experienced, compassionate California injury lawyers who achieve outstanding results for our Clients. Insurance companies aggressively defend personal injury claim/cases and that is why you need an experienced Attorney with experience.  If necessary we file lawsuits to obtain the maximum value for our Clients and obtain the money they deserve for their injuries. We maintain the highest standards of professional excellence, we listen to our clients and we keep them informed every step of the way.


When the time comes to choose a personal injury lawyer for your injury claim, make sure that you are selecting a professional you trust, a professional who will trust you and a professional whose singular goal is to do the best possible job for you. Our goal is to advocate for you until you win. The time immediately following an injury or accident is critical and your actions during this stage will directly contribute to either the success or failure of your personal injury claim. In addition to getting the best medical care for your injuries, preserving important evidence, maintaining the proper records ;  the most important thing you can do to positively affect your case is to choose the right accident attorney.


I have provided quality representation to injured Clients victims in the San Diego County Region for over 25 years. I went to Law School in San Diego and it is my belief that injured victims deserve the best possible representation so that they have the best chance of obtaining a great settlement or verdict. To a person who has been injured, a fair amount of compensation can mean a lot and may even be the difference between recovering fully or not. Often times, people who get injured do not have health insurance and in these cases it is especially important to acquire compensation from the responsible party because without it they may not be able to afford the medical treatments they need to reach a full recovery. To schedule a free consultation please Contact Us!

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